Bicycle Names

Sewn 'n Stitches
Darn Good Sewing
Darn Good Seams
Sew Ease
Sew to Gather
Sew A Mend
Notion 2 Sew
Sew Right
Sew Universal
Sew Under
Wrong Side Sewing
Right-Side it Seams

SheLF Liner

uses, by JP

You know that stuff you can buy by the roll, in the shelf liner dept., that is rubbery and you can line your shelves with it or put it on the bottom of your sink, well, here are a few more applications for it:

Put it on the bottom of existing rugs to keep them from sliding on slippery floors, put some on the bottom of your toddler's socks when learning to walk, use under your sewing machine so it doesn't jump while sewing, use under mixing bowl while mixing to keep in place, use in your motor home to keep items from moving in the drawers and shelves, in bathtub to make it non-slip for toddlers or elderly, cut small circles of it and put under chairs you don't want to slide on slippery floors, use it to pack glass items to mail, glue around kitchen utensils, garden tools and household tools to grip better for toddlers, elderly, and those with Arthritis, cut a circle of this material to use to open jars easily, wrap a small piece around a crochet hook to grab easier, and the ideas go on and on and on!



I'm still waiting for my new baby to come in. She needs a name for sure; I've thought about DeLiLah, Clementyne, Ivy, Eve, Josie, and Noelle. Some of my extended family is coming up for the holiday week and I am wondering if they will want to go with me when I go to pick up Ivy Eve Josie Noelle Delilah Clementyne from the Sewing Machine hospital.



Santa CLaus KringLe

After much deliberation, detailed research, and daredevil driving, I did it, with many thanks to Santa. I bought my first sewing machine. The operable word there being, first. I did however come to the conclusion that Janome's look very cheap compared to the others I browsed for many weeks. I believe my next machine will be a Pfaff. But, that's a whole other story.

Tracking Wordsmiths

"Your words, "emphasis was on things that are higher but it was the things going lower that allured me" ...

Mine, "emphasis was on things that are higher but it was the things, which was shorter, that allured me"

... I've been thinking much about my Gypsy - lost in Montana, and with a combination of your writing, God, and the ability to time travel (backwards), I have no desire to pluck my Lost Soul out of her Rocky Mountain Wilderness!" ~ Pounce


Oh Night Divine ...

everything starts with an Orgasm!
and ends with Sewing the perfect or not-so-perfect 'own design'.